Thursday, February 18, 2010


Living in a campground you get to see a lot of people and how they react with each other. People are really not nice to each other. I don't know whether it is taking someone for granted or what, but people don't even really care about the people that they really care about. I see a lot of people who dominate relationships and talk to their partners as if they were infants and have absolutely no respect for them. On the other end is a person who lets this happen to them. What is it about us that lets us enter these situations.

I think people give up and settle for someone who is not really what they want or who is compatible with them. We are made to believe that the only happiness we are going to get is from some relationship. I had a friend a while ago who used to actually believe and say that if only he could get married then he would be happy. If you are not happy with who you are a relationship is not going to fix it. People are so desperate to not be alone they desperately flee to someone, anyone who will take them.

I know only about three couples that i feel are really successful and healthy from amongst my peers. John and Mehndi have been together for a long time now and they both still really like and respect each other. Jamie and Caitlyn still look at each other with such an awe and joy that it is beautiful to watch. The only other one i know is Bethany and i. I am so thankful for her, she really makes me a better person than i am when i am alone. She enhances me. I don't need her for happiness but she makes me want to be better than what i am because i want to be the best man i can be for her. When i first saw her hiking through the mountains i remembered the kind of person that i want to be. I have not felt this good about love in a long time.

My advice, be happy with who you are and do not settle. If something feels like it might not be right, do not do it. Probably a mistake. I never did believe it until i met her, but i think that someone can be perfect for you now. She has done that for me as well.


  1. Thanks dude! You mentioned me in your blog! Yay! We appreciate it! Thanks for the mention.

  2. things are not always as they seem with relationships. There are some that you see as healthy and happy and sometimes those are the most unsettled. Then there are the ones that come off as unhealthy and shattered and those sometimes are the ones that last the longest because they have been together so long. With that means they go through so much together. So long, and so much, that no matter how angry they may get with one another NOTHING and NOONE will tear them apart. (not even themselves) My relationship began 19 years ago and for the first 4 years we made people sick with our happiness and outward love towards one another. I really think that when we finally did begin to argue with one another that it made people happy. Not everyone , but some. Then there were the people who tried to take advantage of the fighting and worm there way into the relationship. But ya know what? Those people only make you stronger if you are truely connected by the soul. Time goes by, friends come, friends go. Children come and children go. Family members die. But ya know, through it all, him and I still smile at each other from across the room. NOBODY knows but us that we will be together through death and beyond. People see what they want to see. I wish everyone developed their third eye sooner than later. Some dont develop it at all. My favorite saying is "Things are not always as they seem" because I grow from that saying. I LIVE that saying. Things would be easier for me if more people after getting to know me say that to themselves everytime they have an encounter with me. It helps me remember that as much as I give out advice I also know how to take it. I live, I learn. Thanks for your blog... i will read on... bff