Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Everglades

Went to the Everglades a couple of times in the past week. Beautiful. It is amazing how close the gators are to you with nothing separating. Nature is not really the brutal nasty harsh environment that Hobbes said. Mostly it seems like nature is sleepy. Sometimes things get hungry and full of tooth and fang but for the most part, alligator food forages within inches of the jaws of the top predator around. Most animals don't take more than they need, all of them really except for us. Most of them have faith that food will be around tomorrow. We are the animal that lives in a state of fear. Jesus talked about it too. Look at the sparrow, does not the Lord provide for her. She does not worry day to day where the next meal will come from.

It wasn't all sunshine and roses though. We took my 2000 Plymouth Neon with 170000 miles down a "scenic road." It was about 12 miles long and took us three hours to do. It was one of the worst times i have had in a long while. I hope i didn't do any serious damage and that she can get me back to New Jersey in March. Oh well, ultimately the car is just a thing. Gulp.


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