Monday, February 8, 2010

Age and Time

I gave up age a long time ago. Most of you who know me have heard that before. The more i am around people who have ages the more i feel very happy about that decision. One of the things i notice people saying that i think really has a lot of wear and tear on the human form is talking about some figure from our youth to a younger person and having them not know who it is. For example, "I mentioned Prince to Tom and he had no idea who i was talking about. I felt old." That type of thinking rings out to me as very detrimental. So many thoughts we have will make us feel older than we did seconds before. You can almost hear the creaking of people's backs as the cartilage in their spine responds to those thoughts.

Birthdays do the same thing i think. That running clock and the increasing number takes its toll. Thoughts have power. When we think something we make it real. Our thoughts and ideas create the reality around us. We feel older as people put certain information on us, but really those words should not affect how we were feeling. Let them roll away, a person on a desert island for forty years would not know who Prince is either but that should have no affect on the condition of my body. People's frames of knowledge are different but don't let that alter how you feel. I am in better shape now than i have ever been in and i really think that sticking to the idea of forsaking age has a lot to do with that.

Our ideas affect our reality. There were a group of people trapped in a mine collapse and only one of them had a watch. The one with the watch would tell the others that an hour had passed for every two that actually went by. Everyone survived the cave-in, except for the guy who actually knew how long they had been there. Think about it. Your thoughts have power, don't let them own you or your health.


  1. Heck, TJ, you were ageless 10 years ago! You seem like the same person that I met at Ren Faire in '98, where I think I've been about 3 or 4 people since then. (Parenthood, single parenthood, insolvency and hostile exes can mess with you, especially if you're in the wrong mind frame.)Odd, I DON'T feel old, just... steady. Like I'm hitting my stride.

  2. I have been noticing that about the timeless thing, i feel the same as i did then, better health wise. Life can rock you around a bit but i do not think steady is a horrible way to be.