Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hope and Despair

I just came through a patch of time where it seemed like everything was unraveling. My computer (that i use to make most of my money at this time) got a nasty virus and died. Business opportunities and jobs that seemed like they were set and my main source of income for the year seemed like they were going to fall apart. It was scary couple of weeks. Anyway, all of those things have been resolved but it makes me wonder.

Ultimately i understand on a philosophical level that everything will be OK whether it will or not. It is hard when you are living it though to remember that. I look at how things are now after all the crises have passed and notice that really it is the same as it was last week. All of these things that are back to being secure are really not so certain. They could be taken away at a heart beat. And, when they were taken away, i was still taken care of. Everything will be alright if we sit back and have faith that it will. There is always the air that we breath and a host of elder beings we are always in the company of. Sister Moon and Brother Orion shine in the night sky. The wind, ancient godfather continues to blow and remind us, if we remember to listen, that we are not alone. Even though we do not see the purpose while we are riding through the storms, usually these crisis situations lead to a better place that we are supposed to be in. I feel that way now.

It is easy to look at it that way when things are going well, just have to remember these things during the next period of uncertainty.

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