Sunday, January 31, 2010


We are in Florida for the Renaissance Festival. I left a pretty secure business to go on the road and basically join the circus. I find that you have as much money as you need if you walk by faith. Times in my life that i have been making a lot of money, things come up to spend it on. Times that i have been without work and living in a state that some would call abject poverty, you don't find things to spend your money on. Talking to Bill Darr, he call called it living in "poverty comfort." He hasn't had a mortgage or utility bill for twenty years. He is far more free than those who carry houses on their backs and mortgages through their lives. The things we possess wind up possessing us.

I feel free. I am actually able to do things now. We went to the Everglades the other day and i realized that i did not have to be anywhere. In the time since i left my school about four months ago, i have seen more of this country and spent more time with quality people than i had in six years of trying to run a business and be involved in the rat race.

In the past i always shied away from love and relationships too believing that they would fetter me. What i should have been cutting looses were my things and corporate ideas. I have found in Bethany, more freedom than i ever knew when i was on my own. I do not feel that i am in a penal colony, but that i am part of a team. That part of the universe that is kin, that is self, just got bigger. She enhances me and adds to me. There is someone on my side and that is an awesome feeling.

I am going to continue to simplify, like Thoreau, cut out the things that i don't need and get down to the bare bones of what is left. It is amazing how much crap we accumulate. As Tyler Durdan said, "we work jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need." So true. I am much happier living in my tent with no running water than i ever was when i was working 80 hours a week trying to chase after the elusive American dream.


  1. I don't know this Bill Darr, but his freedom to not pay a mortgage and utility bill is only available to him because of people that do.

    If you look at the cycle of his life and he he surrvives day to day, I find it hard to believe that he does so without resources made available to him by people who do not have this "freedom."

    By that sense, he isn't free, he's simply a king having peasants and servants make his life possible.

    Unless he's live in a tent for 20 years, any structure he's lived in has a mortgage that someone else paid on.

    Simply deciding to live off the generosity of others or the regulated taxes of others isn't freedom. He couldn't have gotten away with that in just any country.

  2. He actually does live in a tee pee and it is possible to live on the road. We made the idea of the Home in the 19th century as a means of enslaveing people too. I personally don't want to carry a house around on my back for the rest of my life. We are told by our culture that we need certain things. If you get the house and the car payment and the cable TV you need to make a lot more money to support those habits. I left my business and went out on the road. I make far less money but have far more expenses and i am a lot happier now than i was then. It is life choices. What is important to you and what is not.