Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Path of Action

Ah. The mantra of Action. My good friend John Williams and i have been on this path for some time. We have talked about a show, the Men of Action. The purpose would be to help people become agents of action in their own lives, especially kids. We have talked about making something like a church. People need a place where they can gather and buoy each other. Lend support in times of need or in times that are average as well. This is a small beginning.

Action has been dawning in me as a reality as of late. I was in South Padre, Texas for the New Year and yesterday walking out onto the dangerous part of a jetty, Bethany and myself found a sea turtle trapped in the large behemoth rocks that make up the surf break. He was trapped. The tide was also coming in and i had fallen already on the slick green slime that coated the promenade. I did not know how i was going to climb down to where he was, but i knew that i must. The path of action must be followed. In that case there was nothing else to do, and we set a sea turtle free.

That is part of it i think, being a man of action, one must do what it is one's responsibility to do even if it is difficult. I will chooses the path of action, that is in my nature and i can not resist its call.

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