Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dreaming Update

I have had some success with the lucid dreaming. While i was in Texas and sleeping next to Bethany i found a great ease and clarity in my dreams if i slept with my head touching hers. I have found that often in my life when i have been in a relationship, touching heads together with a woman has solicited vivid and powerful dream control. I read about that in Carlos Castaneda actually. Carlos and La Gorda were sitting on a bench in the book, "the Eagle's Gift" and placed their heads into contact and they were both able to see in the Castaneda sense.

Since i have been home it has not been as vivid but last night i had a lucid dream. I was walking down my home street to go and confront an old friend that i have had much conflict with in the past couple of years and i was walking naked. I was excited to get to his driveway because i would be able to put my underwear on. When i arrived at the driveway, after donning my underpants i wrote a long letter to him on the back white wall of his house. I looked at it and noticed that i could not read it. Between the jumbled words and the fact that i realized it was silly to carry my underwear down the street and not wear them, i realized i was dreaming. I was going to change the scene around but then remembered reading that you can use lucid dreams as rehearsals for difficult conversations you will have in life. I proceeded to have a very productive conversation about what had happened with us and it was a very helpful dream.

I realized in this dream that lucidity can come in different levels. I have had dreams where i was in total control. In this dream i was aware of being asleep, but still subject to the dream world. I also kept slipping in and out of various levels of lucidity.

I do feel that i am gaining more potential to dream lucidly. I am starting to train myself to question whether i am dreaming more and when i do i look for my hands right away. That is increasing the frequency with which i question my consciousness in dreams.

Keep me posted on your dream progress as well.


  1. Great that you're lucid dreaming, TJ! I have been doing the same thing since I was a teenager, so I have a lot of experience with it. I do use looking at my hands as a great cue, or trying to look in a mirror. The best way to have a lucid dream is to say to yourself before you go to bed, "I will remember my dreams tonight. I will be active in my dreams." Sweet dreams!

  2. Thanks superman. It comes and goes for me. I am in a period of not remembering to much and being less active. Seems like when i start trying it goes good for awhile and then dies down. Any tips?

  3. I dont remember where i read this, I recall you writting somewhere about Beths amulet being positioned somewhere on your body might work with helping you meet up with her in your dream world. I don't know how that is working out for you but I had an idea awhile back that I wanted to share with you and never did. I realize that she (Bethany) put alot of time and thought into the amulet, and probably a lot of energy, but what she carved has its own energy that its been carrying around since its incarnation into this world. I just don't think her energy was a part of this amulet long enough.
    Interesting story; hopefully this will make clear what Im trying to say perfectly. My Mom passed away 5 years ago. I was given her engagement ring in her departure. I began noticing that when I wore the ring my finger would itch... ALOT! Many people said I was just allergic to the metal. I knew that it was her energy. She wore that ring for 10 years. 5 years later my finger does not itch any longer when I wear it. I believe our energies became one. (and when I say "our" I mean the rings , mine, and hers.) Good luck , hope this piece of the puzzle helps. ;) ~ bff ~

  4. I agree that all objects have an energy, especially the things Bethany works with. This particular piece in question is made of moose antler and i believe a lot of the energy of the moose is there as well. But, i do believe that when we mix our labor with something we put a bit of our energy into it.

    I do this when i make a dream catcher for someone. I think positive thoughts about them and try to put that into the catcher. That being said there is also the energy of the tree and the way it came down and all of those things as well.

    This amulet also had a lot of energy put in because of the circumstance. She had told me she just wanted to be buddies and then felt a real need to get that done for me. She felt i must have it by a deadline (so i could where it at our show.) Her confusion and welling feelings for me were all going into that work she did. I do believe that there is part of her energy and being in this necklace around my neck.

    Thanks for your insights anonymous, i like the stuff you have to say.

  5. There was no doubt in my mind that a ton of her energy went into this amulet. I was simply suggesting that perhaps if she wore the amulet herself for a while before passing it along may have made the energy even stronger for use in these lucid dreaming meeting attempts. I dont know anymore than anyone else how to do it. But i sure would love to be part of figuring it out as I too have been trying this for years. Dream control happened for me years ago, but the meeting has posed more difficult, especially because the people I am trying to meet with are deceased. I do believe it may have happened for me once already. There was a real feeling involved, I just knew that person was really there with me. I "FELT" it in my soul, i woke up crying. Happy crying, peaceful crying. Some say, if you are dreaming about the person who is already permenantly at rest then they are really there with you. Not true for everytime you dream of them. Obviously there are times when you just visited the grave and they are fresh on your mind that ofcourse they will be part of your dream. I have one dream catcher that a really good friend gave me, I love it and have it with me when I meditate. I just finished reading the following... The time of effect of keys of energies depends on the rustiness of the lock you try to open. At the unlocked ones the effect can show the same or the next day, but with the rusty ones it can take some time for the effect of energy flow to show.
    Of course you can never know that for sure, if you don’t let yourself to experience it personally. Use the key of energies with a clear intention and keep it close to the body (in the area of your aura, the energy field that surrounds our body). Keep it in your pocket, purse and valet or put it under your pillow, so it can positively affect your subconsciousness during the night. When we sleep, a lot of body functions turn off so we are more susceptible for the energy flow. The use of every individual key means you have opened yourself consciously to the chosen energy. ~BFF~