Monday, April 8, 2013


I walk lonely through a forest in the night. All things dissolve into one in the darkness and it is easy to lose yourself out there. The sounds dissolve, the very envelope of your being begins to slip away into the surround and flow beyond its edges. A fire solidifies out of the darkness. It is a warm bubble of self and welcome in the midst of formlessness. Something stirs in me as i look into its dance. I am drawn to that fire like an irresistible force. It is my self coming into focus out of the One. I am moved by feelings of warmth that have not stirred for so long. They have rested and pretended they are not there, but they are and the fire draws them out of the depths of me.

In that bubble of light, there is warmth and there is grace and my alone is shattered as i watch the flames tremble and dance and leap in my presence. It is as if the dance is for me and i sit although i should go. I feel like the selkie who came up out of the sea. There is nothing more beautiful we have on dry land to a creature of the deep. The fire is like a dancing jewel and there is nothing like it in the depths.

No matter how much the fire threatens to consume, i am drawn closer to the danger. The warmth entices me, moves me and i can scarce resist its pull. I am like a moth to the flame and in spite of knowing that i will be burned i fly into its fiery embrace like a willing martyr. I feel the first fingers of flame caress me and i linger too long in their embrace before returning to the reality of the night and the forest. I will remember the warmth and i will certainly dream of the fire.

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