Thursday, March 28, 2013

"The Way is in the Training" ~Musashi

Greetings Adventurers. Adventure tip of the day: Make a habit of your training, whatever that may be. I start almost every day in my little gym that is pictured above. I get an awesome workout in, usually involving some footwork and shadow boxing, hitting the heavy bag, training on the wooden dummy and then doing a bunch of body weight exercises. I feel so much better when i do this routine than when i do not. I feel alert and ready to go the whole day. I try to get another workout of some kind in later whether it is running, weights or something. An object at rest tends to stay at rest, but an object in motion tends to stay in motion. The more you make your body like energy, the more energy you will have. If you have a desk job, get out of your seat as much as you can and move.

"The way is in the training" as Myamoto Musashi said. Your training has to be effective and you have to get in that habit. It is difficult at first, but once your body adjusts it is even more difficult to stop. Do not make excuses. Move. Get up 15-30 minutes early and get your body moving. I also find that it helps to find something that you truly enjoy doing. If you hate running, you are not going to last long trying to run. This is just as important if you are trying to learn an instrument, a language or any skill. You need to get in the habit of practicing. It was great being in Florida with John Williams. We got up almost every morning and went down to one of the big pavilions in Quiet Waters park and did some training.

If you need some pointers or starter workouts let me know. I have lots of ideas on this subject and love to help people find spiritual and physical health (i really do not believe there is any difference between the two but that is the subject of another blog.)

I hope all is well, continue to strive to be awesome. See you the next time.

People have made the false distinction between mind and body,
as if they are two different things.
There is only one type of stuff in the universe,
and that stuff is energy,
whatever that means.
Matter is merely energy moving at a slower rate.
Make your body like energy.
Get out of your seat,
Move, flow, dance, love.
Everything rises and falls together.
I am a part of the great flow of energy
that runs through everything.
As i still my mind and move my body,
i realize the great truth of the sages,
everything is everything else,
we are all a part of one great field.
As i move and come closer to that state,
i come closer to the Divine.

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  1. I like the first part as a good reminder to me all..did you know that boiling water freezes faster than relgular water?? why hmm I think it has to do with the fact that the energy via atoms are already set into motion that to move the energy into freezing state would take less time where water that is not as actively energetic takes longer to activate the atoms into action lol..well so I think....and for the last part well I agree mind and body are both matter and physical and composed of the same energy matter lol..but I know you know that I believe in Body/mind- Soul- and Spirit but we like eachother just fine and honor eachother's convictions of reality- last time we tried to discuss it, if my memory serves well, I was hushed up...but I didn't mind. X