Thursday, August 5, 2010

We all go the same way home...

"And we all go the same way home, yes we all go the same way home." ~Flogging Molly

During my stay at the Colorado Renaissance Festival i would often sing the song "The Sun Never Shines" by Flogging Molly. Dreagn introduced me to it and i really like it. The song ends with a refrain that is written above. It is repeated. I found myself on the final weekend of the faire singing that song and as i did i looked out over the people watching me and the patrons passing by and it moved me.

The song has a theme of death and as i looked over the people at the faire, the people were like walking ghosts. We all truly do go the same way home, back to the earth from whence we came. Death makes us all equal, the conqueror worm masters us all in the end. Time makes a mockery of our lives if we allow Him to grip us.

I thought about all of those people as i sang on and heard the words echoing in my own thought. Each of them walking by has their own story and a whole world of life dances about them as they strut and fret their four score and then are heard no more. Each of us is in the same boat, the saint and the sinner, all of them, no matter where they have been or what they have done is rendered equal in the dirt.

We all truly do go the same way home. As i sang and looked out over the people passing by, i realized that we are all in this together in a very palatable way and it was beautiful to feel a part of the whole great cycle of the whole great story that carries along the streams of our lives.



  1. When my Momma found out she had three weeks to live we were all with her to hold her hand. My sisters cried , my brothers looked on in disbelief. I swallowed my heart. My Mom . She was the rock, but when everyone left and it was just her and I she looked into my eyes and i felt her helplessness and fear. So i said the only thing to her that came to my mind. I said... "Mom... You brought us into this world, help bring us into the next :)" She smiled, looked into my eyes and simply said, thank You in an exhausted breath and only made it through the end of that week. I feel her waiting for me. Nice post Stolig. ~ BFF.~

  2. Thanks BFF. I think that is the heart of what i am trying to get at. We all go the same way in and out of this life. We emerge out of the great mystery and back into her arms when it is our time. Our lives are but fleeting chapters in the great mystery of life living itself, the whole great story of everything that is going on around us, until at last ever the earth and sky are laid silent in the end.

    The real story of everything is akin to the ending of A River Runs Through It. The narrator realized that in the end, it was not the stories of themselves, but the story of the river, of the place that ran through everything they did, and when their stories came to pass, the river still ran on. We need to embrace all the time we have because in the end, we all go the same way home.