Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I do too much. I can not seem to ever say no to a project. Presently i have the Dandy Pirates that we will be doing in Pennsylvania, The Lords of Adventure with John Williams that i am trying to get a press kit together for (mind you i have no idea how to make a press kit), The Saltwater Moonshine Boys here in Colorado, NJ Ren Faire coming up in September, trying to figure out where and when to teach martial arts, and i am sure there are other things i am forgetting about. I need to focus a little i think but i am not willing to ever give anything up.

The thing that i really find annoying is the constant trying to market myself and these projects. It is really hard to get people to even return a call when you are starting out in the entertainment business. I guess that is what irks me. I am not really starting out. I have been doing these things since 1997 yet in a lot of ways it really feels like i am starting over because outside of PA, no one really knows who we are.

A lot of times it feels like it would just be nice to get a 9-5 job and be able to go home afterward and leave the job at home. As it is i feel like i am constantly online or trying to keep up with the mountain of things i have to do to keep marketing. I drives me slightly mad. What i really need is a manager. I would love someone to call me up and tell me where to go for auditions and such so i could just do the part of it that i am good at. Oh well.

By the way, anybody a manager? Namaste.


  1. Don't ever get a 9-5! I have one and yes it is comforting to know that I get a pay check every week and I don't have the actor stress of when I'm going to get my next gig but you only live once and I totally admire actors like you who live life to the fullest and live their dreams. You have balls to keep doing what you are doing. Don't loose your balls TJ! People need to see you at these fairs! Your Ren Fair Buddy~Kim Davan "Slagle"(aka Dirty Rose aka Indigo Blue)

  2. Woe!!! Kim Slagle? Awesome. And thank you for the comment. I would not ever get a 9-5, just saying sometimes it is tempting. :)