Monday, May 31, 2010


Tomorrow i head to South Dakota and then on to Colorado with Bethany. That is where it all began. It is where she took me into the mountains and we saw the most amazing pair of rainbows i have ever seen. They seemed to last forever and were complete across the sky. It is where we sat out at night and watch a lightening storm over the city below. It was the place where watching her made me realize everything that i liked about myself and what i had to become again. It was there that i solidified my decision to leave my business and head on to the next adventure.

I am amazed that she still spends her time with me and that she really still seems to enjoy my company. She is amazing. I am also so much happier now than i was a year ago. I do not really believe that there are right and wrong decisions in most cases, i feel like we choose a path and then have to do the best with what we have chosen. As a warrior we do not regret those decisions because we know that every choice we make may be our last. There is no time to regret. The warrior chooses and then stands under the choice that was made. I am very glad that i made the decision i did in this case. The quality of my life is far greater now than it was.

I also feel it was the best decision for my martial arts training and teaching as well. At the end, the school became nothing but a job for me and i was starting to dread going in there every day. I was not enjoying my life and i learned a long time ago when i worked at UPS from 3AM til 9AM every morning that no job is worth being miserable for. I once again have found a passion for teaching the martial arts. The small groups i have worked with and the private classes feel like the reason is started teaching in the first place again.

I am excited to move on to a new place and new experiences. I am excited that she will be by my side. Life is indeed worth the living. I will be back out this way, the area that is my physical home in August. Be well and remember to enjoy your life. If you are stuck in something that you is slowly killing your soul, i highly recommend going out on the road. Move on. Our society makes us believe that you can not do it, but you really can. Freedom is there if you merely reach out and take hold of it.

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